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June 9, 2011

Saving Radish Seeds

I left three radish plants in the ground to see if I could save the seeds. In about four months these little radishes grew to be some enourmous tangled monsters, over four feet tall, and bearing a thremendous number of seed pods. I wanted to let the pods to dry in the garden, but saw that this would take a long time because radish kept producing new flowers. It was time to let it out.

Here is what three radish plants look like:

Cat was not part of the harvest ... :)
The seed pods need to dry thoroughly in order to be thrashed. If they are not crispy dry it is very difficult to remove the seeds from the pods. Every pod contains three to four seeds. It is hard to estimate at this point how many seeds I will have from this venture, but I would guess the number will be close to a thousand.


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