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June 17, 2011

How to grow bok choy in the summer

It is very difficult to grow lettuce or other salad greens in Florida summers. But the salad of only tomatoes and peppers gets boring. I decided to try to grow bok choy for the greens and so far the experiment proved successful. Bok choy is a type of oriental cabbage that has juicy green leaves and stems, and can be eaten raw or cooked. I planted Toy Choy variety that does not grow tall. I planted it in a shady spot completely shaded by tomatoes from all sides, except Northern side. I water it every day and pick the leaves almost every day as a tasty addition to my salads:

Here's a close up of a couple of bok choy plants:

Ten to twenty plants will give you daily pickings for probably a couple of months. Bok choy needs to be watered daily and grown in the shade. It is very high in vitamins A, B, C and K. So, try growing some bok choy in your summer garden and enjoy tasty alphabet nutrition!


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