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March 8, 2012

Growing Dill in Florida

I love herbs. I love all of them, parsley, dill, cilantro, basil, rosemary, you name it. But dill is by far my favorite. For some reason dill is considered a sort of exotic herb in the supermarkets. Every time I see dill in Publix, I get blown away. It is like $3.50 for a few little twigs. Amazing.

Dill is very easy to grow. In my experience, it grows even better than parsley. Once you have dill in your garden, you will always have it, if you allow it to go to seed. Dill will re-seed itself in any available space, even on the lawn. Blooming dill is a picture of beauty and a great pollinator insect attractor:

I seed dill in succession, from October through March, and it responds well to that schedule. I have fresh dill for eight months of the year, except for the hottest moths; nothing survives our summers, except okra and cowpeas. But I am OK with having dill for the most part of the year, and it is easy to dry dill and use in your cooking. Here's "cutting" dill that was seeded in December or so, and will keep producing well for another month easily.

I also usually throw a bunch of dill seeds in between cucumbers and cabbage where it makes a nice companion plant. When cucumbers mature, dill will be grown enough for cutting, as well as growing in the shade of cucumber leaves to stretch the season.

Dill is not very demanding. It likes water and somewhat fertile soil. Other than that it is a very happy plant with a lot to give.


  1. We planted dill one year and let it go to seed. Now it just comes up everywhere from Spring to Fall.Now I let it grow in the paths in my garden and go to seed. The flowers attract beneficial insects and then it reseeds itself.

    Like you said it's amazing how much it costs in the grocery store and yet it is so easy to grow. BTW I worked in the produce dept. at Publix for 18 yrs.

  2. Yay to dill! Glad you are growing (and hopefully eating it)!

    100 g fo this herb provides (%of RDA per 100 g)-

    37.5% of folates (vitamin B11),
    14% of vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),
    23% of riboflavin (vitamin B-2),
    140% of vitamin-C,
    257% of vitamin-A,
    21% of calcium,
    82% of iron and
    55% of manganese.

    That's in a small bunch of dill. More people need to learn about this wonderful herb.

  3. Got some growing in a seedling pot right now. It'll be happy to take over part of the bed and give me a bit of privacy at the same time! ;0)

  4. I live in an apartment building. There are currently no plants surrounding it. It's mid-October. Can I just throw the seed and then hope that in 14 days it sprouts? Also I live in Broward County. Thank you.



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