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June 13, 2011

Not too early to start peppers

This is a second week of June, and not too early to start peppers! I seeded peppers a week ago, and now I have some cute seedlings coming up. I used to plant a variety of peppers, but now I only  plant cubanelle pepper as a sweet pepper and some chili peppers. I had some success with bell peppers, but not enough to put effort into it. Banana pepper was good, but Cubanelle, while having similar qualities is better. Cubanelle pepper is very versatile; it can be eaten green, as we do mostly, as well as letting them go ripe, where they develop into some nice red color and distinct sweetness.

Here's a picture of a cubanelle pepper on the vine. They are very prolific.

Peppers take their time to grow. If you seed now, you can put plants into the ground beginning of August and they will start to fruit end of September. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the harvest till the first freeze! Seed your peppers now.


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