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May 1, 2012

Holy cow, cabbage in Florida

Ferry-Morse seeds did it again! Who could have thought that we could grow nice firm heads of cabbage in our Florida heat, and harvest them in May! But, stranger things have happened. Harvested this baby today, and it weight at over three pounds of organic fresh cabbage:

I planted these seeds somewhere around the end of January, and started harvesting cabbage about two weeks ago, so kind of close to what the package said (66 days to maturity).

Now, these seeds are not open-pollinated, they are hybrids, most likely, so even if I was adventurous enough to save the seeds, they would not perform the same as their parent. But for a paltry $1.59 (and I only seeded maybe a third of the package, if that), I would harvest probably 30-40 pounds of cabbage, if not more. This variety, just like any type of cabbage, needs moist conditions, so I have to give it some water every day. It also is susceptible to snails, but they do not do a lot of damage. Some leaves, mostly the outer ones, would be chewed up, and these go into the compost or to the chickens. There is still a lot of fresh organic cabbage left for the humans. I would certainly plant this variety again, in the fall, as cabbage is not afraid of freezes.


  1. That's great! Glad you could get a harvest before they bolted.

    It's gotten warm enough at night in Brandon that my tomatoes are no longer setting fruit, even the cherry ones. So it's almost adios for them!

    Keep on experimenting & letting us know what works or doesn't.

    **Katy M
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  2. Hey, Katy
    You can try the old trick of shaking the tomatoes early in the morning. The reason they don't set the fruit is not because it's too hot, but because the pollen gets stuck. So, just give them a good shake and they should pollinate.

  3. Nice cabbage!! My Juliet tomatoes are still fruiting like crazy and I'm in SW FL. Even my lonely Beef Master tomato is still setting fruit surprisingly.

    Tim K

  4. Tim, you grow cabbage too, don't you?
    I think it depends on variety of a vegetable, not the fact that we have such hot weather and so early. Granted, in July all bets are off, no variety will survive. Sigh.

  5. Yes I grow cabbage. I still have a large head in the fridge from January. You can see a pic of the cabbage growing in my January postings on my blog.

    Tim K



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