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June 18, 2011

Saving Radish Seed Part 2

The seed pods need to dry thoroughly so that the seeds could be thrashed easily. There are a few seed pods on every little branch:

Break the pods from the branches and put in a large bowl. With the palms of your hands rub the pods, taking  a few pods at a time. You will end up with the seed/pod shell mess like this:

Sift the seeds through the colander. You might have to do the process of sifting a few times to clean remainders of the pod shells:

The end product:

Granted, the seeds are not as clean and free of pod matter as you buy in a seed packet in the store, but the seeds are still very manageable and have never presented a problem planting. Throw the remaining pod shell stuff into the garden as mulch and they will produce you a good number of radish volunteers when they are ready. I love free stuff!


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