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June 12, 2011

Flowers in the garden

When I started gardening my motto was "if I cannot eat it, I don't grow it". I can see now how silly it was. My first flowers in the garden were marigolds because they were sort of utility flowers, supposed to fight nematodes. Second season marigolds started seeding themselves everywhere in the garden and I grew to appreciate their beauty. Later I planted echinacea flower, robin hood rose and cosmos. They are amazing! Now my garden not only productive but also visually enjoyable. Here's some pictures of flowers that grow in the garden. Cosmos (yellow flowers) with marigold below it:

Cosmos and robin hood rose:

Robin hood rose:

Up close: Cosmos flower picture

I also tuck a flower here and there in between vegetables. Flowers attract pollinator insects as well as other beneficial bugs. Plus, did I say they are beautiful?


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