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July 3, 2011

How to harvest amaranth

The time has passed and amaranth tassels have grown large and bountiful, and started to show some signs of ripening. Ripened amaranth seeds would be seen on the tassells as minuscule whitish seeds, as well as the tassells themselveses would start to yellow and a bit dry:

Now simply break the tassles off the plant and collect them in some large container. Ideally, you would hang them in a dry place, like a garage, over some clean sheets of plastic to let the seeds fall on the plastic. I do not have such luxury as the garage is full of other "necessary" things, so I simply put my amaranth into a garden wheelbarrow. They will dry in there just fine because the wheelbarrow sits in the lanai, so it is out of the rain.

Now, we have to clean the tassles off the remaining leaves and stems and fluff it up every day to allow drying thoroughly and evenly. The process of drying will take approximately three weeks, or when most of the seeds fall of the stems.


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