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July 14, 2011

Grow peanuts from a grocery store bag

It's been just a week since I seeded some peanuts from a grocery store bag. They all have germinated. Granted, you will not always have a successfull guerrilla planting like that, but most of the time seeds saved from your regular vegetables will germinate and grow well. I planted four peanuts in Styrofoam cups as an experiment with growing grocery store peanuts. In this picture you can see that something else came up along with peanuts, it looks like a squash, maybe a sunflower. The reason for that is that I reuse my potting soil, so there could have been some seeds leftover from previous plantings. I will let this seedling grow and see what develops of it.

Now, usually, as in with tomatoes or peppers, I will let seedlings to get their first set of true leaves. I will not do that with peanuts because they have long roots, so keeping them in cups for too long will detriment their growth. So, the day peanuts germinated, they are put into the garden.

Usually, I would seed legumes directly into the garden, but this was an experiment and I wanted to see controlled germination. It worked, so now I know that I can safely plant peanuts from the grocery store directly into the garden.


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