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September 10, 2011

Update on Luffa

I was very excited to see young luffa fruit that appeared very quickly. But, as with many squash and cucumber type plants, the first promising fruit shriveled and fell off. I was a bit disappointed, but then a little later more young growth appeared and now grew into some nice healthy fruit:

Luffa surely likes to climb. It quickly took over the whole 30-foot fence, so I had to train it to climb back so it does not run out of room:

And it is very prolific. Everywhere on the new vines there is more flowers and more fruit. It looks like I will have my free sponges after all.


  1. The Luffa looks really good. I've never tried them. Do you grow hard squash along the fence like that, too? I am trying butternut for the first time ever this year.
    Really enjoy your blog!!

    Tim K

  2. What month did you start these luffa's? I've been thinking about trying them. Yours looks fantastic!

  3. These were started in middle of June. I think too late to start now, but you can next year, end of February or so.

    Tim, I did try hard squash on the fence but it did not like to climb. I think squashes are better on the ground. But put something like a waxed paper plate under each fruit, or a layer of hay to prevent rotting.



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