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August 10, 2011

Growing Luffa Part 2

Luffa has been growing pretty nicely. The plant is not bothered by insects, heat or anything really. It just keeps advancing farther and farther on all available support. Seven weeks from seeding it started showing some nice young fruit:

Luffa Fruit

The fruit looks just like zucchini and probably tastes like one. Right now it is a bit early to pick it, but possibly in a week or so it will be ready for the grill. But the main reason I am growing it is for the sponges. The plant is very prolific, it is loaded with clusters of buds that will produce fruit:

Just like any other type squash it grows fruit on new vines, so the more room it has to spread out, the more fruit it will produce. Since this vegetable originated from India and China, it is well suited to growing in Florida. Since it takes about five months to mature, it is probably too late to seed it now, but make a note on your calendar to seed it in March if you want some free organic sponges, beauty and possibly some tasty fruit.


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