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February 17, 2013

Fried collard greens from the garden

This year I am having an exceptional crop of collard greens. I seeded them in October, first in nursery containers, and then replanted into the garden. I have not grown collards before, but now this is one of my favorite vegetables. The leaves of the collards can substitute for the leaves of cabbage, as they are of the same family. In fact, collars are just like cabbage, but they do not form heads. It is pretty challenging to grow cabbage in Florida as our cool season is so short, but collards do seem to adapt to our weather pretty well.

Tonight is one of the last dog freezing nights and I wanted some comfort food. So, I picked fifteen collard leaves, two small heads of broccoli, and made a warming southern meal.

Full recipe is on my other blog, Vegetarian Cooking From Scratch. Now, this meal can be made with bacon or chopped hard boiled eggs to remove the "vegetarian" part. Full Recipe Here

And here's the picture before this dish was savored by me and my family:


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