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January 15, 2012

Seed germination test

I decided to plant some flax seed and some barley I got from the health food store. But I have no idea whether these seeds would germinate, and if so, at what rate. That's where the seed germination test is helpful. I had some flax seed and barley seed for quite a while:

To be scientific, we need to count the seeds in the multiples of ten. If we had ten seeds, and eight germinated, we would have germination ratio of eighty percent. This figure is important to figure out how many seeds to plant. I did not count the seeds, I just poured them in. I wanted to see if they germinated at all, since these were not the planting seeds, but food:

Put the seeds on the coffee filters, then fold the filters into the cones and place into the zip-lock bags, or similar, with some water added to moist the filter and the seeds.

Keep these bags on a counter where you could check their progress daily. I would expect both to germinate within a week, we shall see. And that's all to it. If the seeds do not germinate, let's say, after a month, I would deem these seeds not viable for planting. Otherwise, go ahead, prepare the garden bed and plant them.


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